Useful Information

StyleCounsel Book Circle

We started almost three years ago, with a small group of friends who wanted to get together to chat about some of the books they had read. We have tried where-ever possible to be flexible with times and even dates that we have met. We meet in a local bar (The WestCoast Bar and Venue, 3-5 King Street), books and wine seem to go well together. We meet up monthly, based on suggestions on book titles every month. In partnership with KCC Libraries I am often able to reserve, collect and return the book for members. Which means very little outlay cost. All are welcome to come along.

Our next meetings are 7th April, 5th May 2nd June, 7th July As a book circle there is an opportunity to swop books with members, make new friends and discuss the world! Some of our recent reads have been by: Juan Carlos Onetti, Ian Fleming, Agatha Christie, Doris Lessing to name only a small few. I would be more than happy to discuss the group, just give me a call, drop me an email also StyleCounsel has a facebook page.

Telephone: 223300