Blanket Weed in Ponds

Featured in the August 2009 handbook.

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At last we have found a Solution to Blanket Weed that really does work. As some of you know, we have tried many different methods of getting rid of the blessed stuff, not one of them ever worked. However this one did. What is it? Well it is a gadget called the XTERMINATOR XT7000. It does come in larger sizes which have different model numbers, but the XT700 is plenty big enough for most garden ponds. It is rather expensive (We have found it advertised between £95.00 and £135.00) But it does do the trick. It gets rid of every bit of Blanket Weed. When we sat down and tried to tot up the money that we have spent over the years on different, so called solutions, none of which worked, then this gadget is cheap. If you are looking for one the do a Google search for “XTERMINATOR XT7000” and seek out the best price. I think we paid just over £105 including postage, but you may do better. Yes, as I said, it is expensive but it does work. So forget everything else that they try to sell you if you want to get rid of Blanket Weed, get one of these. It even comes with a Guarantee.

- Pauline


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