Grandad and Barry the Barber

Featured in the July 2009 handbook.

Grandad went to get his haircut at Barry the Barbers in

Northdown Road. Whilst he was waiting for his turn Barry told him about a Special Offer scheme he had tried the previous week. “What was that then” asked Grandad. “Well” said Barry “I had a small win on the Lottery, just a couple of hundred pounds, so I decided to share my good fortune with some of my customers”. “What did you do” asked Grandad. “Because it was only a small win I couldn’t really treat everyone so I decided that I would give a FREE haircut every day for a week” said Barry. How did you decide which customers to give them to” Grandad asked. “On Monday I decided that the first customer who came in to my shop wearing a hat would get the FREE haircut. Around dinner-time the first hat wearing customer

came in, he told me that he was a Florist and that trade was very slow nowadays, anyway I cut his hair then told him that there was no charge and I explained why, the customer thanked me and left.

I thought no more about it, but when I got to work the next day a huge bouquet of flowers turned up with a note saying one good turn deserves another” said Barry. On the second day Barry told Grandad that he would give a FREE haircut to the first customer wearing spectacles. His third customer of the day came in and was wearing spectacles, so Barry gave him the haircut at no charge. Now this customer owned a small local food store and at lunchtime that day a large cardboard box packed with foodstuffs was delivered to Barry with a note saying “One Good Turn Deserves Another”. Barry was amazed at the generosity of people.

Thursday was the next day he was open and Barry had decided that today’s winner of the FREE haircut would be the first customer who was wearing a tie. As Barry turned up on Thursday morning to open up the shop a well dressed

gentleman was waiting outside for Barry to open up. Lo and behold he was earing a tie. As Barry was cutting his hair he explained to this customer that there would be no charge for the haircut and the reason why. The well dressed, well spoken gentleman explained that he was down in the area because he was an M.P. and because the elections were taking place that Thursday he was here

to support all the local candidates who were members of his party. He thanked Barry profusely for the FREE haircut and told him that he would mention Barry’s name to some important people about this excellent gesture he was

giving to the local community, he also suggested that perhaps the next day he should give a FREE haircut to every customer. “I can’t afford to do that” said Barry. “Ah, let me finish” said the refined gentleman. “A FREE haircut to every customer who comes in wearing a flower in their

buttonhole”. “That’s not a bad idea” said Barry and he said goodbye to his customer. “Well what happened the next day” asked Grandad. “What happened, I’ll tell you what happened” said Barry, “When I got to work on Friday morning there was a queue of 32 MP’s lined up outside my shop all wearing flowers in their buttonhole. Bloody Politicians”


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