Slim Down for Summer!

Featured in the July 2009 handbook.

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Unless you plan to spend most of your holiday on a sun

bed by the pool (sounds tempting!), it's time to increase

your energy levels so you can explore your holiday destination; have a swim or game of volleyball before collapsing on the sun bed for a welldeserved nap or a good read. Your batteries fully recharged, you can dance the night away!

Exhausted just thinking about all that holiday activity? Time to shape-up so you don't sleep through most of it! Don't think 'diet' and 'Iow-fat & ow-carbs', it's too depressing! Think 'good' fats, like omega-3, in oily fish and seeds, and monosaturated fats, in olive and sunflower oils and avocados. These all aid slimming and protect against heart disease by actively reducing cholesterol absorption in the body. Other benefits include a healthy skin and balanced hormones, which help you to look and feel younger.

Think 'good' carbs, whole-grain & full of fibre, to clear constipation and balance sugar levels. They release energy gradually, rather than provide an instant hit followed by a low. Ditch the all-white sugar, rice, bread, pasta and jacket potatoes and notice the difference! You'll probably feel less

bloated and your tummy should be flatter for the beach! If you still feel bloated, cut out milk and cheese as you may be unable to digest milk sugar. You could also replace wheat with rye or oats.

Reduce salt and smoked, processed food to help weight-loss and lower blood pressure. Read food labels and buy only a product where salt content is 0.3g or less per 100g. Check out breakfast cereals and bread for hidden salt.

It's never been easier to slim while enjoying fresh green salads and other I raw foods, including sprouted seeds and thirst-quenching smoothies and juices. They contain essential enzymes that energise us and increase our metabolism, prompting us to exercise more.

Of course, it's important to avoid creamy salad dressings, egg mayonnaise, coleslaw, croutons and bacon bits because they add loads of calories! Olive oil with lemon juice is a perfect dressing.

Be sure to include a protein portion with your salad and other meals to build muscle tissue, deliver iron, balance blood sugar, burn fat and keep you feeling full for longer. Without proteins such as lean meat, fish, nuts, eggs, cottage cheese, beans or tofu muscles shrink and body fat


Enjoy those tasty salads. Slim down, shape up and have fun in the sun.

Salad Suggestions:

Rocket, sorrel, dandelion, watercress leaves -aids


Grated carrot, beetroot, celeriac and red & white cabbage with olive oil + balsamic vinegar dressing - blood cleansers.

Papaya, mango, pineapple, lime - aids digestion Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries - antioxi-dants, good for joints.


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