How To Make A Half-Barrel Pond

Featured in the May 2009 handbook.

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If you haven't room for a large pond, this is the ideal way to introduce water into the garden. It's easy to plant and easy to look after. It will look good on the patio.

You will need:

* A half-barrel from an aquatic department or specialist, which will have been pre-treated against rot

* Mesh baskets for planting

* A little coarse grit

* A couple of half bricks to stand marginal plants on.


1. If you can, soak the barrel in a large container of water to make the wood swell and make it waterproof. Otherwise keep filling it until the wood is sealed. Plant the plants in special aquatic baskets using ordinary garden soil.

2. Top off with mulch of coarse grit to prevent the soil seeping into the water.

3. Place a half brick in the pond for marginal plants. Place the plants carefully so as not to disturb the soil in the baskets.

4. Waterlilies and other deeper water plants can go on the bottom of the barrel.


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