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Featured in the May 2009 handbook.

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Many gardeners regard May as one of the best months in the garden, with the freshness of spring and the promise of summer. It’s also the month of the most famous flower show of all, the Chelsea Flower show.

There are signs of summer everywhere, yet many spring flowering bulbs, especially the tulips, are still at their best.

May is a good time to:

• Prune Clematis montana after flowering

• Ventilate greenhouses and conservatories, and think about permanent shading for summer

• Feed fish regularly, and also give a special aquatic fertilizer to water plants

• Move tender shrubs in pots outside for summer

• Protect crops from carrot fly

The days are really warming up now, but do be aware that the nights can be cold and we can still get sudden sharp frosts at any time this month. Most varieties of fruit trees will be in flower now and it only takes one sharp frost to destroy a potential crop for the whole year.


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