Grandad Has A Busy Day

Featured in the May 2009 handbook.

Grandad was having a cup of tea in his kitchen when he

decided to get all of the jobs, that he had been putting off,

done. He thought todayís the day. So first off he decided

to water the flowerbeds, as he turned on the hose at the

outside tap, he noticed the car was looking dusty and dirty.

So he decided to wash the car.

So he went and got the car keys and walked over to the car. Then he met the Postman delivering the mail. So he decided to read through the mail before he washed the car.

He put the car keys down and looked through the mail. He sorted through it and put the bills on the work surface and put all the junk mail into the recycling bin. Then he noticed the bin was full. So he decided to empty the bin, then he thought as he was going to empty the recycling bin he may as well take out the general rubbish at the same time. Then he found that he had no more black bags left, so he decided to go and buy some more. Then he thought, as he was going to the shops he may as well pay the bills that have just arrived and post them. So he went to find his cheque book. Then he noticed that there is only one cheque left in the book. His spare cheque book is in the study. So he heads towards the study. Then he notices that a vase of flowers is almost dry so he decided to fill up the flower vase with water. He picked up the vase and headed to the kitchen. He filled up the flower vase

but spilt some water on the floor, so he went to get some kitchen roll to mop up the spilt water. Then he found that the kitchen roll holder was empty so he went to the cupboard to get a spare roll. As he got to there he noticed the tap was dripping, he tried to turn it off but it wouldnít budge so he went to get his tap spanner and change the tap washer. He got his spanner and turned off the water at the stop cock. Then he noticed the TV remote was lying on the side so he decided to take that back into the front room and put it safe.

On his way there he heard the front door bell ring so he put the remote control down and answered the door. It was two of his Granddaughters Corey and Hannah who had come round to see him. ďHave you been busy today Grandad, as you look worn outĒ they both asked. ďIíve been rushed off my feetĒ said Grandad. ďWell have you done all those jobs that you keep promising Nan that you will doĒ? They asked him. Well I havenít watered the flowers yet, I havenít washed the car yet, I havenít paid

the bills yet, I havenít emptied the bins yet, I havenít bought any new rubbish bags yet, I havenít mopped up the water in the kitchen yet, I havenít fixed the dripping tap yet.

However, Iíve lost the car keys. Lost my cheque book. Lost my tap spanner Lost the TV remote. Iíve got no water, but I really have been busy all day.


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