Grandad Meets An Old Mate.

Featured in the April 2009 handbook.

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Grandad met up with Tommy, an old friend of his. It had been nearly 20 years since they had last seen each other. “How are you Tommy” asked Grandad. “I feel just like a new born baby” said Tommy. “Really” said Grandad. “Yes, I’ve got no hair, no teeth and I keep wetting myself” replied Tommy. “Plus I went out yesterday and got myself a fantastic new hearing aid, it cost me over a thousand pounds” “Over a thousand pounds” said Grandad “What kind is it”? “Ten past three” replied Tommy. “What are you up you nowadays” Tommy asked Grandad “Well I felt my body was getting a

bit out of shape, so I decided to join to join an aerobics class, I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down and really sweated buckets, but by the time I had got my trainers on the class was over” said Grandad. “But every Friday afternoon I pick up my Granddaughter Paige from School and we go and have an Ice Cream or a Milk Shake, she asked me the other day to tell her a story so I told her all about Noah’s Ark, then she asked me if I was on Noah’s Ark. Gosh no I said” “Well you are very old so I thought you would have been on the Ark, but if you weren’t on the Ark how come you didn’t drown when the flood came”?


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