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Summer's on the way out and the first chills of winter grace the autumn air. It's September and the Kids are back to school and though being out in the garden may be the last thing on your mind, now is the time to sow for next summer So leave the cup of cocoa for later, don your warm clothes and head out into the garden to take stock of what you've achieved.

First have a good look around the garden, at the Annuals. They won't be back next year so now's the time to decide which were a success and which were a total flop, which you're going to grow again, and what you're going to put in the place of the ones that will be heading for the compost heap. Autumn flowering bulbs will be looking great about this time. If you neglected to plant some earlier, they are always available as plants at this time of year. Lilies are among to most common, Belladonna, Cape coast and Guernsey lilies look lovely. Late flowering perennials will be about to bloom, now. Michaelmas Daisies and Red hot pokers are keeping the colour in the garden. Earlier flowering perennials will have finished, so it's time to cut them down and compost the remains.

Now is also the time to plant Conifers and Evergreens. When placing new evergreens, leave the root ball undisturbed and don't plant them, too deep. Firm them down well, with your heel and water them in. Don't forget to make sure the leaves get a good soaking, too.

Grass is hardy and always there, so it can be tempting to neglect the lawn. If it's managed to survive the summer, pamper it a bit, now, Aerating it with a garden fork and raking in a bit of sand and Lawn feed. If it has come through the summer looking worse for the wear, now is the perfect time to plant grass seed or even re turf patches of mud.


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