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Featured in the February 2009 handbook.

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• Fuchsias, dormant now in a cool greenhouse must never be allowed to dry out completely or they will die, don’t water frequently because they have no leaves and are not growing - just keep the compost moist.

• Protect tender plants in the garden. Now the stems have died down they will benefit from a mulch to protect from the frost - I often empty old growing bags over the top, then scrape away in the spring.

• Towards the end of the month cut Buddleias well back or they will become leggy and flower too high.

• Shorten shoots of winter Jasmine.

• Buy early seed potatoes as soon as they are in the garden centres and put into trays in the light. Prepare soil for seed sowing and use cloches to warm up the soil.

• Plant shallots and some peas like Early Onward or the dwarf variety Little Marvel.

• Lift and divide mint, replant, saving some to plant in a large pot to place in the greenhouse.

• Now is the time to pot up some strawberry plants and put in the greenhouse for an early crop.

• Plant Hyacinth bulbs, that have flowered indoors, into the garden removing spent flowers.

• If you want more snowdrops in the garden it will soon be time to plant them.

• Cut back any green shoots appearing on variegated shrubs and clear any leaves or bits and pieces that have blown into the Fish pond.


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