Granad Gets Serious for Once, and has a request for the Council

Featured in the February 2009 handbook.

Well Christmas is well and truly behind us now, Easter eggs are starting to appear in the shops. Talking about Christmas, what a wonderful display of Christmas Lights we had in the High Street, itís just a great pity that so many of the once busy and bustling businesses were closed down. On

the other hand, Westwood Cross, which was buzzing with shoppers, had next to nothing by way of Christmas decorations and lights, apart from the shops themselves.

Anyway 10 out of 10 for the council for the display they put up, it was appreciated.

The High Street area has had another ďKick in the teethĒ with the closure of Woolies. Thank God for Primark thatís all I can say.

Now with the government bailing out Banks, Building Societies and God knows what else, with billions of pounds of our money, I think the Council should do the same thing, but on a much smaller scale. Iím not suggesting that they pump hundreds of thousands of pounds, which again is our money, into local businesses. Well for one thing, they havenít got it to pump in.

What they could do to give our local businesses a very welcome boost, would be to suspend the parking charges all around shopping areas. For example, Northdown Road, College Car Park, the High Street and one or two other areas. Not on a permanent basis, just on a Friday, Saturday and

Sunday, or from the beginning of January to the end of March. The council may claim that they will lose money by doing this, yes this is true, they will lose some revenue, but on the other hand, how much will they lose in revenue when a business closes and no business rates are paid on the property. A huge number of local businesses are gritting their teeth and soldiering on, so come on Thanet Council give them a hand and suspend the Car Parking Charges.


We greatly appeciate your views, and if you've got any thoughts or comments on this article, please feel free to add them below.

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