Grandad and the Modern World

Featured in the January 2009 handbook.

Grandad was sitting in Batchelors, in Northdown Road, having a coffee and watching the world go by when a young man in his twenties sat at the table next to him. He started talking to Grandad and said, “You grew up in a very different, almost primitive, world. It must be really hard for you to understand all of this modern technology, we younger people today grew up with Television in every home, Jet Planes to fly us to every corner of the world, Nuclear Energy, Computers, iPods and a whole host of Electronic and Digital Gizmos” Then seeing he was catching the ears of some of the other “Older” patrons, he carried on. “I have a mobile phone here that I use to take, photos, videos

even connect to the internet, I have a computer that can instantly find the answer to almost any question, just by clicking a mouse button, you didn’t have any of that when you were young, did you”? Taking advantage of the break whilst the young man paused for breath, Grandad replied, “No son, you’re right, when I, and a lot of these other people sitting here, were young, we didn’t have anything at all like those, we didn’t have mobile phones that can perform amazing tasks, we didn’t have laptop computers that you can take anywhere with you, and we didn’t have the internet and other hundreds of things that are available nowadays, things that you obviously take for granted, so what did we do?

...We got off our backsides and invented them, now what are you going to do”?

The young man hastily finished his coffee and left.


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