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Featured in the January 2009 handbook.

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We are now into the New Year and looking forward to a new growing season, some gardeners will have started by sowing their onions traditionally on Christmas day, its not to late to sow them now to obtain good strong plants, to grow on for showing or the kitchen garden, what else can we be doing at this time of the year.

Wash propagators with warm soapy water and then sterilize them. Check that thermostats settings work satisfactory using a maximum - minimum thermometer.

Check all propagators that contain young plants every day and wipe off any condensation.

Clean and sterilize greenhouse and insulate with bubble plastic, taking care not to restrict ventilators as it is vital at this time of year to ventilate when ever possible, plants also need as much light as possible so wash all glass.

Check the greenhouse heaters are working properly trim the wicks or renew them in paraffin heaters and that there is an adequate supply of fuel, check the ventilation is adequate for Gas heaters.

If you did not finish your winter digging before Christmas all is not lost as heavy soils will still benefit from weathering by frost rain, light soils are best left un-due till spring. If the soil is workable plant shallots, you can do this by working from planks to stop compacting the soil.


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