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The age and function of Margate’s Shell Temple, as it really should be known, has baffled everyone since first going on show in 1837, but six years of research by Margate Historical Society has finally disclosed the true purpose of this amazing structure; identified from evidence present a date for at least part of it (1141) and used by the Knights Templar; proved by practical experiment that it still functions exactly as was intended long centuries ago; that it contains an accurate solar calendar for the old Celtic fertile season spanning March to October; and that Cleverly built into the design centres of mosaic and structure there are predictions regarding the huge solar event of the Winter Solstice, 2012 (the end of the Mayan Calendar!), and the start of the Age of Aquarius in 2481.

Forget the feeble nonsense pushed for so long by many lazy ’researchers’ (still sadly going on today in one quarter!) that this unique structure is a folly, or something built by schoolboys or an uneducated bricklayer’ with no book learning’ to while away the time in the early 19th century, Despite the awful social conditions of the working classes then. No, What we have here is a precise and silent clock, counting away centuries already past and still to come. It is a Pagan temple of fertility and the Sun and Venus, overlaid with Gnostic symbolism, a Geometric maze where every sinuous turn of the serpentine passages is dictated by the Sun angle of 96 degrees associated with the Equinoxes, and where the Summer and Winter Solstices, the high and low points of the annual Cycle of the Sun, rule. There is nothing random here, every panel has a meaning with many having relevance to ancient mythology, and built into the mosaic are certain shells which are nodal points for some impressive Geometry, relating not only to the Sun but to the heavenly bodies of stars and planets, as well as the Zodiac. It is a book in shells which came without instructions in how it should be read, and it has taken much patience and applied logic on a scale it has never received before in order to achieve that goal. It was left long ago by hugely talented people as a message for the future, and that time has now arrived.

The dome provided the first major breakthrough. The top is open to the sky and acts like a pinhole camera in that it projects a ball of Sunlight down into the Dome onto a vertical stripe on its north wall, beginning in march as a small ball just before the Spring Equinox and increasing in size as the Sun climbs higher and brighter in the sky to the Summer Solstice when the ball of light is so deep below the ground surface at midday that it can reflect through those square holes over the passage arches into the darkness beyond and, believe me, it is pitch black down there without the lights on. By this method, and utilising that 96 degree Equinox angle the Solstice light can be transferred by mirrors right down into the Rectangular Chamber ( a very ancient Masonic Temple, incidentally) and onto the Altar which represents the 9 days of the major solar standstill of the Winter Solstice.

As the ball moves down the wall from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice and then back up to the Autumn Equinox as the Sun climbs higher then lower in the midday sky, it travels at exactly two of the small central cockle shells of that northern stripe per week. It just happens that the three vertical stripes of the Dome indicate the hours of daylight and darkness at the Summer Solstice (17˝ and 6˝) and those figures are identified by Geometry elsewhere too. If you’ve never seen it come and take a look.

We now hold a wealth of evidence which space available here precludes me from imparting, but anybody seriously interested in learning more can contact me on the number below.


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