A Senior Citizens Prayer

Featured in the October 2008 handbook.

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To-day dear Lord, Iím 80 and thereís so much I havenít done

I hope dear Lord youíll let me live until Iím 81

But then if I haven't finished all I want to do.

Would you let me stay a while Ö until Iím 82.

So many places I want to go, so very much to see.

Do you think that you could manage to make it 83.

The world is changing very fast so very much in store

Iíd like it very much to live Ďtil Iím 84

And if by then Iím still alive, Iíd like to stay Ďtil 85

More planes will be up in the air so Iíd really like to stick And see what happens in the world when I am 86

I know dear lord itís much to ask ( and it must be nice in heaven )

But I really would like to stay until Iím 87

I know by then I wonít be fast and sometimes Iíll be late

But it would be pleasant to be around at 88

I will have seen so many things and had a wonderful time

So Iím sure that Iíll be willing to leave at 89.


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