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Holiday watering

There are several things you can do to help prevent plants drying out. Move any baskets and containers out of full sun to a position where they are shaded at the height of the day. Stand terracotta pots on gravel trays topped up with water, so the pots can gradually absorb the reservoir of liquid. You can also install an automatic trickle watering system on an outside tap, which is controlled by a timer and will turn water on and off each day.

Take Cuttings

Continue taking summer cuttings of Fuchsias, Pelargoniums and tender perennials. These root quickly at this time of year, forming sturdy young plants that will successfully over winter on a bedroom windowsill or in a greenhouse.

Trim hedges

Trim hedges, especially hedging conifers that can become tall and annoy neighbours. Be considerate, and cut their tops down to 3m (10ft) at a maximum.


Watch out for ants nesting in patio pots, where they can disturb root growth and reduce a plant's performance. Standing pots in a large saucer of water helps deter them from settling in. Vine weevil is a particular problem in greenhouses and patio pots. Now is a good time to treat compost with biological pest control nematodes, which search out and kill weevil larvae. They can also be applied to the soil around attacked plants.


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