How To Make Compost

Featured in the July 2008 handbook.

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There are Two forms of compost: garden compost and potting compost, which you can buy in bags. Garden compost is simply decayed organic matter and itís useful stuff You can recycle all of your uncooked kitchen trimmings, grass cuttings and old plants turning them into a good soil additive once they have been broken down into a crumbly sweet-smelling substance during time spent in a compost heap. Better still, make a compost bin. Making compost is all about getting the temperature of the mixture of material up to levels that encourage the breakdown of the organic matter. This also means that annual weed seeds will be destroyed.

- Use a garden corner for making compost

- Build up 6 inch layers of different material

- After 3 or 4 months the compost will be ready


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