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From Alf “Legs” Beeching

Mr. F.Arnold Perren, F.R.I.B.A. has prepared the sketches in the architect for the the proposed new Draper’s Mills School as it will appear when alterations have been carried out under Margate’s education reorganisation scheme.

The scheme includes alteration to the existing school buildings to adapt them for use as a junior mixed school. A new assembly hall will be provided with a platform suitable for use as a stage for school concerts and other functions. This hall will also provide for the usual assembly of children, physical training when this is impractical out-of-doors and the many other activities of school life under modern conditions which render such accommodation essential.

A complete new infants’ school with accommodation for 250 children is designed to comply with the latest Board of Education recommendations for infants’ schools. The infants are accommodated in four class rooms, all with a south east aspect and one cloakroom is provided for every two classrooms complete with hygienic fittings and heated coils for drying clothes.

Sand-Pit in Playground

The “babies” are provided with a separate classroom and their own cloakroom and lavatory adjoining and a toy store. This room is designed with an aspect which will ensure a maximum of sun during school hours and has direct access to a separate playground with a sand-pit.

The whole of these buildings will be heated by low pressure hot water and hot and cold water is provided to all lavatories, while direct cross ventilation is obtained to all classrooms. The new school is also provided with its own assembly hall complete with a platform suitable for use as plays and other activities. The school throughout is designed on modern lines but with the structural elevations in line with the existing buildings

The school throughout is designed on modern lines but with regard to the existing buildings and surroundings. The elevations will be of multi-coloured red-faces bricks with the roofs of tiles and the architect has endeavoured to picture the school which, while reproducing an existing building which is ill bit unduly quarrel with its neighbours.


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