Grandad is taken to a birthday party

Featured in the March 2017 handbook.

Grandad had got over his illness, he had picked up the “Lurgy” that was going round and it knocked him for six. So to cheer him up his eldest Granddaughter told him she would be picking him up on Saturday and take him to her house where they would be holding a party for her youngest Daughter,

Grandad’s youngest Great-Granddaughter. “But, why are you having the party on Saturday, as it’s not her Birthday until Monday” asked Grandad . “Well it’s easier to arrange it on Saturday, plus the Clown that we have booked for the party only works week-ends” said his

Granddaughter. Grandad got himself all ready and was picked up at 1-00pm and taken to the party. When he got there he looked over the road from the house and saw lot’s of people working on a piece of derelict land, clearing weeds, cutting down bushes and trees and generally tidying the area up. “Who are all those people” asked

Grandad. “Oh they are people who have to do community service, because they’ve been in trouble, so they are clearing up the waste ground” replied his Granddaughter. Soon lot’s of parents turned up bringing little children along to the party and very soon there were around 20 youngsters at the party.

They played a few games and everyone received a little present,

whether they won the game or not, all in all the children were having a great time. They sat down around two huge tables, which had been filled with all the goodies that children love and the kiddies started

eating. Just then the phone rang and Grandad’s Granddaughter came in from answering it and told Grandad that the clown who was booked wouldn’t be able to come as his car had broken down, he said he had called out roadside assistance and they told him it could be two hours or more before they could reach him. “Oh no” said Grandad, “what are we going to tell the children, they will be devastated”. Just then he happened to look out of the window across the road where all the people were working and he saw one of the young men dancing round, doing cartwheels on the grass, he did mid-air flips and leaped high in the air. Grandad was amazed at the acrobatics he was doing, so he quickly went across the road to the crowd of people who were now around the young gymnastic worker. “Can I speak to the person in charge” asked Grandad, and a spotty faced youth with long hair, came over to Grandad. “The person in charge of us has been called away and I’ve been left in charge” he said. Grandad explained that it was his Great Granddaughters birthday and the clown they had booked for the party wasn’t able to come but what your friend here was doing just now was absolutely marvellous, and I’ve never seen such a thing before, do you think your friend would consider coming over to the party and repeating his performance to amuse the children, I would pay him the £100 that the clown would have been paid. “I dunno, let me ask him” said the spotty faced youth. “Hey Wayne, for £100 would you chop the end off another toe” Grandad was speechless for a few seconds and flew back over the road to call an ambulance, just as he reached the door an RAC van turned up bringing the clown.

“Where have you just been ” asked his Granddaughter.

“Don’t ask, Don’t ask” said Grandad.


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