The Sickness In Margate

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Extracts from the Minutes Book

A History of old Margate from Alf “Legs” Beeching

September 18th 1866

A letter was read from Mr. Hall complaining of a smell at

No. 21 Lower Marine Terrace suggesting that it might be the cause of cholera.

Resolved– that the chairman acknowledge and inform the writer that the sanitary officer has been in possession of the house since the decease of Mrs Bowers

February 19th 1868

The committee visited the house in Bath Road complained of by the guardians as being the cause of the illness of the Cock family and found it now unoccupied and ceased as human habitation the owner having undertaken to remove the nuisance and convert the house into a workshop.

October 6th 1873

The sanitary inspector reported 3 cases of typhoid Mrs. Whiteheads child– No1 New Street died from putrid sore throat. Privy, deep slime and well which is used are all within a few feet of each other. A child ill at No13 Byron Road.

October 13th 1873

Reported 2 slight cases of typhoid a child of 2 years old at Sacketts 70 King Street and a child 5 years old at 1 Mummery’s Buildings, Doctor Treves suggests that the pump water in Mummery’s Building should be looked at to see that notice be p,aced on the agenda paper asking for the council to delegate sanitary authority to the sanitary committee in

accordance with clause 5 18-19 vic.c.121

October 30th 1873

The sanitary inspector reported he had visited the house at No.1 Cranbourne Alley in the occupation of Mr Creed and was instructed to give the owner 14 days notice to have it

thoroughly cleaned and made habitable the woman now having died of typhoid fever on the 2nd inst.

CASTLE - 4 church Street, suffering from typhoid fever found it very unsatisfactory cesspool full under the

flooring ordered privy to be emptied.

WINCH –Church Square typhoid fever, ordered the privy to be emptied

BROWN –4 Dorset Place see doctor Treves as to illness.

SACKETT’S girl –70 King Street typhoid fever a week ago (dead) unsanitary condition of premises and

neighbourhood ordered removal of daily garbage



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