Grandad Has a Heart Attack, but not according to his Grandchildren

Featured in the August 2016 handbook.

Grandad woke up early one Sunday morning and felt unwell with what he thought was Indigestion. He took a few indigestion tablets but things didn’t improve, so Nan called Brian, their eldest son, and asked if he would take Grandad to the hospital, which he did. They arrived at A&E at the QEQM hospital in Margate and Grandad booked in. After a short while he was called through to see a Doctor. After explaining that he had pains in his chest, Grandad was taken into a cubicle where the nurse inserted a gadget into his arm that had little connector type things on it and they took a sample of his blood, which they put into about four little bottles. “We’ll have these tested and come back and let you know in a short while” said the Nurse. “Does it hurt anywhere else”? the Nurse asked Grandad. “Well my right leg hurts now and again, like a cramp feeling” replied Grandad. “That’s quite common” said the Nurse, “it’s just old age”. “How can that be” said Grandad “my left leg never hurts and that’s just as old as my right leg”. “No I didn’t mean it like that” said the Nurse “Oh never mind, we’ll get it sorted for you as well”.

After about half an hour the Nurse came back and told Grandad that they would have to wait until 8.00pm that night and take another sample of blood. “Why, have you lost the first one then”? Asked Grandad. “No, but we have to compare the results from blood taken several hours apart” the Nurse told him.  Grandad resigned himself to being stuck in hospital all day, even though the pain in his chest seemed a lot easier now, in fact by 8-O–Clock, when they came back to take the next blood sample, he felt fine and asked if he could go home as soon as they had done it. “No, I’m afraid not until we get the results back” he was told. About an hour later a young lady came up to his bed and introduced herself as a Doctor and told him that they had all the results back. “Can I go home now then” said Grandad. “No. I’m afraid not, you have had a Myocardial Infarction”. “ A what” said Grandad. “A heart attack” replied the Doctor “and you will be staying in hospital for a few days until we decide what to do” “What will you be doing” asked Grandad. “Well once we have done an Angiogram, we will have a better idea, we will do one of several things, treat it with surgery, treat it with medication or fit a thing called a stent, but don’t worry because it is treatable” said the Doctor sympathetically. Later they took Grandad to the Coronary Care Ward and got him settled in for the night. The next morning he was taken down for the Angiogram and he also had a heart scan. Later that day his family came in to see him, as Grandad has four children and eight Grandchildren, plus three Great-Grandchildren, and of course Nan, it got a bit hectic, and the nurses kept mentioning that there was always a lot of visitors round Grandad’s bed,  so Grandad said “Why don’t  just a couple of you come in and then you can phone everyone else and let them know, you needn’t tell the younger ones that I’ve had a heart attack as it may scare them, tell them the medical terminology which is a Myocardial Infarction, as that doesn’t sound as bad”. That’s a good idea they all agreed. The next day Hannah, one of Grandad’s Grandchildren came in to see him with a worried and puzzled look on her face. “Mum and Dad, well in fact all the family told me not to come and see you in hospital, but to wait until you got home, but I couldn’t wait, because I got this text sent to me and it said “GRANDAD IS IN HOSPITAL AFTER HAVING A MIRACLE FART OR SOMETHING” “Well what’s that all about”.

“I’m coming home tomorrow” said Grandad “and I’ll tell you all about it then”


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