Grandad Takes Nan Out for the Day

Featured in the March 2016 handbook.

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Grandad took Nan out for a day trip up to London, just to see the sights and have a nice meal before they returned home again. Whilst they were up there they fitted in as many of wonderful and historic places as they could. After a full day they went off to a restaurant near the British Museum, They were shown to their table and

ordered their meals. Sitting at the table next to them were a rather strange 30 something

couple. The man was doing everything to impress the lady he was with, describing the flavours and aromas of the wines that were available and the lady was looking suitably impressed, but she kept furtively looking towards the door.

Nan and Grandad just smiled at them now and again. The lady got up to go to the toilet, the man with her, still being a perfect Gentleman stood up from his chair as she left for the ladies room, when he went to sit back down he looked over towards the door, just as a group of four men, who looked like Business types walked in and were shown to a table on the other side of the restaurant. Immediately the man slid right under the table and hid there. The lady returned from the toilet and made her way back over the table when she suddenly stopped in her tracks, bent down almost double and crept back to her table. She started frantically looking all round so Grandad leaned over and said” Pardon me but your husband just slid under the table”.

“No he didn’t” replied the lady “he just walked in with his work colleagues and is sitting over at the back of the restaurant”. At this the two of them crept over to the door and left as fast as they could. Nan and Grandad burst out laughing, just then the waiter returned and said to Nan and Grandad “did you see where the couple who were at this table have gone”? Grandad beckoned him closer and explained the situation to him. The waiter just shrugged and said

“we get all sorts in here, just a couple of hours ago I was serving a lady and I asked her if she would like something to drink and she replied, No I’ll just have water, I thought to myself, what is she going to do with the water if she is not going to drink it, wash her feet”. Nan and

Grandad both chuckled, after a lovely meal they ordered coffees when a party of about 20 school children came in accompanied by four Nuns. They were met by two waiters and shown to two long tables, where glasses of juice and various coloured soft drinks had been put in front of the seats. The waiters then brought varying plates of Chicken Nuggets, Sausages all piled up with chips. One of the Nuns asked all the children to rise whilst she said Grace, they then sat sown and tucked in to their meals. Then just behind them another tables was set out with a huge pile of apples and a further huge pile of Chocolate biscuits. One of the Nuns stood up again and said “When we have all finished eating and are ready to leave you can all go to the table behind me a take an apple each, make sure you take only ONE, because GOD is watching”. Nan and Grandad had finished their meals and were just paying the bill when Grandad saw one of the boys from the group of children go over to the pile of Chocolate biscuits and place a note on top of them. So as Nan and Grandad left the restaurant they walked past the table with the apples and biscuits on and they read the note the boy had left and it said, “Take as many chocolate biscuits as you like because GOD is only watching the apples”. That boy will be a politician when he grows up thought Grandad.


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