Items Extracted from The General Purposes Minutes June 28th 1922

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With thanks to Alf “Legs” Beeching for this piece.

The committee again considered the laying out of Trinity Square Green adjoining the War Memorial site:- Dr. A Rowe and Mr Dalby Reeve attended the meeting and submitted a plan and details proposed layout.

Resolved – That the plan and scheme submitted by Dr. A Rowe be adopted and that an estimate of the cost of carrying out the work in accordance with the design be submitted to the next meeting.

January 17th 1923 A tender was received from Messrs G & A Clark ltd. For the laying out of Trinity Square Green for the sum of £379.3.8d Which included turfing where necessary

Resolved– The tender be accepted.

March 21st 1923 Resolved that the Trinity Square Green be enclosed by a two foot wall with an 18inch iron fence thereon and that the estimate be obtained for the same.

April 4th 1923 The Committee considered the question of erecting a suitable fence or wall round the Trinity Square Green. The Borough Surveyor submitted the designs of dwarf wall and fencing and as follows-: Random Kent Rag-stepped 2 feet high £350 Not stepped £325

Resolved to recommend that a random Kent Rag dwarf wall 2’-9” high be erected round the Green estimated to cost as follows-: Immediately round the Memorial £100 The remaining portion of the wall £375 and the application be made to the Ministry of Health for sanction to the borrowing of the necessary amount for carrying out the work.


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