Grandad Goes Down On The Farm

Featured in the November 2013 handbook.

Grandad’s eldest Granddaughter came to see him and asked if he would do her a favour and look after her three children, “What, look after my Great Grandchildren, of course I will” said Grandad.

She explained that, the following Saturday, she had to go and enrol for a teacher training college course and her husband had been called away to his head office for a team building week-end, so there was nobody to look after the children. Grandad was delighted and he thought about what to do with them, he found out that there was a farm, near Canterbury, that was having an open day, where people could go round and look at the animals and all the equipment that was on the farm, so he decided to take them there.

When Saturday came he picked them up, got them all strapped into their car seats and off they set to the farm. They arrive at the farm and Grandad gets the three of them out of the car and off they shoot at 100 miles an hour, “Slow Down” shouts Grandad as he tries to lock the car door and give chase. As he is running after the children he slips in the mud and gets it all over his clothes, then he eventually catches up with them.

The children by now are petting a baby goat and feeding it with the bags of sweets that Grandad had brought for the children. They went from the goat pen to see the pigs, “ It Pongs Grandad, why”? And Grandad had to explain what pigs live in. Next it was the pony rides, with Grandad trying to hang on to the three of them, then into the orchards and they tried every type of fruit they came across. After several more pens of birds and animals, they left for home after having a great day.

The next day Grandad’s Granddaughter came to see him. “What on earth did you get up to yesterday, with the children”? “Why, what’s happened”? Asked Grandad. “Well, I asked them where they went and they told me all about the farm, I asked them what they had seen, and they told me all about the goats, cows, ponies, sheep and pigs, then I asked them if they could remember what different sounds they heard, Bethany said “BAA”, Abigail said “MOO” and you won’t believe what Ryan said”. “what did he say” asked Grandad “Well the sound he said he remembered best was...... ”OI, you, get off my ruddy tractor” Plus he said the farmer was talking to you Grandad”.


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