Extracts from Margate Board School Log Books.

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Oct.4th.1875-Monday,opened the New Cross Street Board Schools. The whole of the Committee present-.Boys knowing nothing. Admitted 18 boys.

Oct.11th.""-Admitted 5 boys from St. Johns National School.

Tuesday 24th 4 boys absent on account of Canterbury Fair.

Tuesday 19th. A large bell is needed to assemble the School at 8-30 and 2pm.

Wed 20th. Very wet. Many children from school in consequence. Stoves are greatly needed for warming the schools.

November1st. Number in Register up to present time is 39. Stoves now fitted up.

November 2nd. Stoves lit for the first time.

November 3rd. Bell fitted up to-day it will therefore be rung at 8-50 am and 1-50pm.

November.5th.Several boys absent-No doubt on account of Guy Fawkes Day.

Friday Nov 26th.Fall of snow causes absence of many boys in the morning and afternoon 46

Average.44.9 Fees-7/--d [ shillings ]=35p.

Mon Nov 29th. C and J. Yeomanson from school because they have no shoes to wear. Henry Ashley is sick.

Feb.2nd.1776-Punished W.Brown, C.Bass and A.Adley for truant playing.

Feb.4th. Dismissed J.Bussey from school for bad conduct.

Friday 30th June. Several boys from school many no doubt on account of "Clown Cricketers" who are playing a match in town.

Thursday July 17th.-School treat-School breaks up for 5 weeks.

Sept 8th-.Messrs Sangers' Circus came to Town to-day, and causes absence of many boys some, no doubt, playing truant.

Wed Sept 27th-The two Twymans and Parents having refused to conform to rules of the school I expelled them and refused re-admission.

Tuesday 21st Nov-Twyman's Mother brought her son to school and begged re-admission for him, I took him on his promising conduct of the future.

Thursday 15th Feb-Punished W.Twyman for spitting in teachers face.

Monday.Feb.19th 1877. A case of Smallpox having occurred in the Town two or three of the parents of children, object to send them to school until the disease has disappeared.

Thursday 26th April-The two Crundens came this morning after playing truant two days this week.

Friday-27th April. Two Crundens and Bussey truant playing again to-day.

Wednesday May 16th-Expelled A and W. Twyman from school for striking one of the teachers in the street and general bad conduct.

Monday Sept 10th-Punished George Twyman for swearing and disobedience.

Wednesday Sept 12th-Margate Regatta to-day causes an absence of many children.

October.10th-Sangers Circus being in Town to-day causes much absence of many boys.

Punished W. Stewart for stealing 1/-.[ 5p ]

Tuesday Nov.27th.A great many boys still from school collecting Coals, Coke and Timber from wrecks.

November 12th- Punished G. Twyman for impudence to Pupil teachers. Webb and Barrett.

January 21st 1879- I find a great many boys absent from school owing to Scarlet Fever.

January 28th 1879- Dr Treves says Scarlet Fever is still very bad in he Town. The Masters and Mistresses must use great caution in admitting or taking back children. He says that he will allow no child yet to attend who has had the fever but now recovered.

The above entries which I have selected from those school records may serve not only as interesting local items for readers but also for students studying various aspects of local society history. They not only take into account the health in the town but also items of interest which would have easily diverted young boys away from academia into the worlds of fun and family preservation from ship-wrecked items. Our Archives are an invaluable source of information. The truth is out there somewhere.

Alf (legs) Beeching Margate Historical Soc


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