3/2/1866 The Testimonial To The Captain And Crew Of The Steam Tug "ENDEAVOUR"

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A general meeting was held in the large room of the Sailors Observatory on Thursday afternoon which was largely attended by the boatmen and their friends. The Mayor took the chair and was supported by Messrs Keble, Valder, Roberts, Thorne and T. Talfourd. The Mayor was glad to be able to state that the sum of 60 had been raised to wards this laudable object, to which amount the Committee of the Sailors Life Boat contributed Ten guineas and Mr Talfourd, nearly 12 ( Raised by subscription amongst the members of the Royal London Yacht Club) The Question was how was the money to be divided ? After much discussion, in which most of the gentlemen and several of the boatmen took part, it was resolved unanimously that a sum of Twenty Guineas is presented to Captain Couves,

Ten Guineas to the Mate and Engineer respectively and 3-6/0 to the Call Boy who was present on the Tug at the time but whose name was accidentally omitted in the bill. It was next proposed that the balance remaining should be shared by the Margate Boatmen who also proceeded to the rescue of the Life Boat's Crew and without whose assistance and courage in manning the Steam Tugs small boat, no lives could have been saved, but Messrs Edward Emptage and Harry Towe on behalf of themselves and comrades firmly refused to receive any gratuity whatsoever - however after much persuasion, they consented to accept Two Guineas each. Mr George Emptage as Captain and on behalf of the rescued crew begged to tender their grateful thanks to the gentlemen who organised and subscribed to the testimonial.

The mayor then addressed the Boatmen assuring them of his sympathy and good will at all times. Messrs Thorne, Keble Talfourd and Valder followed in the same strain. The meeting was brought to a close with hearty votes of thanks to the Mayor, Mr Talfourd Mr Valder and the gentlemen of the royal London Yacht Club.


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