The Hose Pipe Ban and Fish Ponds

Featured in the May 2012 handbook.

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Even after the recent rain, there is a "Hose Pipe Ban" in force, but what does this mean for pond keepers.

Our area is supplied by Southern Water Tel 0845 278 0845

So Pete and I contacted them and they said:“You can not use a hosepipe in an existing pond” HOWEVER this does not apply if your pond or water feature contains fish or other aquatic animals "You are allowed to use a hosepipe to maintain a domestic pond where fish or other aquatic animals are being reared or kept in captivity" In short, if you have fish in you pond YOU CAN LEGALLY TOP UP YOUR POND USING A HOSEPIPE. Although this is great news for looking after your pond, what about the rest of the garden ?The basic advice is if at all possible you should use what is called "gray water". This is water that has been captured or collected after it's initial use. For example you could collect rain water in water butts. Southern Water will allow the use of watering cans for the garden, but these must be filled from a tap NOT a hosepipe But remember if you are not sure if your water usage is allowed under the hosepipe ban THEN CHECK with Southern Water on the number given above, as the maximum fine is £1,000



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