A Report Concerning Storm Damage To Margate Pier, 1808

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We have carefully inspected and examined the present state and condition of the Pier, Harbour and the High Street leading thereto, and ascertain the public damages sustained by the late storm and we find the Pier in the most crippled state. That, besides the large breach near the head, the pier appears to be shaken, the whole length from the breach to the Head is so shattered that to render the Pier and Harbour secure, that part must be taken down and rebuilt. All the outer parapet, the whole length of the Pier thrown down. The Storehouses, Lamphouse and Military Magazine at the Head gone, and the building at the entrance of the Pier on the south side also gone. A considerable breach made in the Stone Jetty on the east side of the harbour along the Marine Parade and all that stone Parapet in front, thrown down. The Jetty on the west side of the High Street leading to the Pier and Harbour nearly all carried away and three distinct chains extending to within a few feet of the opposite side of the Street at each place, lying now open to the sea. To reinstate such damages exclusive of losses to individuals, we estimate at the sum of Fifteen Thousand Seven Hundred Pounds, at least.


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