Grandad goes on a diet that worked!

Featured in the March 2012 handbook.

Grandad decided that he had to lose some weight as all of his clothes were getting tight and really uncomfortable when he put them on. He looked at this diet and that diet, but none of them were really what Grandad was looking for. All of his friends suggested he tried this and tried that, but nearly all of them meant he had to cut out most of the foods that he really enjoyed. Well that was Grandad’s problem, he loved his food, so what he was really looking for was a miracle diet, where you can eat what you like yet still lose weight. Well we all know that such a diet doesn’t exist. However, one day he bumped into Charlie, someone who had been friends with Grandad for years, and someone that Grandad hadn’t seen for nearly six months. Charlie, for as long as Grandad could remember, was always overweight, with a large tummy on him, but looking at Charlie now Grandad saw that he was slim and athletic looking. “Blimey” said Grandad “How did you lose all that weight”. “Yes I’m pleased with myself” said Charlie “I’ve lost over 4 stone in the last 6 months, and I can still eat all the food that I like”. “What” said Grandad “that’s impossible, you can’t just keep eating anything and lose weight like that, it just isn’t possible”. “Ah, but that’s where you are wrong” said Charlie “and I’m living proof”. “Well, looking at you, I can’t argue with that” said Grandad. “Come on then what’s the secret”. “Right what you do is on the first day you have three meals and eat anything that you like, then you skip a day and you just have water, tea or coffee, then the next day you have your three meals, then you skip a day and just have water, tea or coffee again” said Charlie “believe me it does work”. “I can see that” said Grandad “I’m going to give it a try”. “Okay” said Charlie “we’ll arrange to meet up one month from today and we’ll see how you get on”. Exactly one month later they met up, Grandad looked terrible he had lost lots of weight, in fact about three stone, but he looked virtually dead on his feet. “Gordon Bennett” said Charlie “what the heck has happened to you, have you been following the diet”? “Yes” said Grandad “I have followed it religiously, but I think I’m going to have to give it up”. “Well you certainly have lost the weight” said Charlie “are you sure that you are eating enough”? “Yes” said Grandad “I’m eating whatever I like”. “So what’s made you look like this” asked Charlie “Well it’s not the food” said Grandad “It’s all that bloody skipping, it’s killing me”


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