Grandad and the Quiz at Barry the Barbers

Featured in the February 2012 handbook.

Grandad was sitting in Barry the Barbers patiently waiting his turn. Barry, as usual, was busy cutting his customers hair and telling the latest round of jokes that he had heard, when suddenly in walked a well dressed

Gentleman, who hung up his coat and sat down and took his place in the queue. Barry turned around and said to everyone” Can anyone tell me which two days of the week begin with the letter T”? “Well that’s easy” said everyone in unison, “Ah, hang on though” said Barry “You have to answer without using the letters D.A.Y. In your answer” Everyone thought for a while, then the well dressed Gentleman said “Today and Tomorrow”. “Well I’ll be” said Barry I didn’t think anyone would get that one”. “Okay” said Barry “here’s the next one, how many seconds are there in a year and you must answer without using a calculator”. Again everyone thought about it, when the well dressed man said “Twelve”. “What” said Barry “Twelve”. “Yes said the man “Second of January, Second of February, Second of March and so on”.

“Brilliant” said Barry “that’s exactly the answer I was looking for, because if one of you had said 30 odd million I was going to say no it’s Twelve, again I didn't think anyone would get that”. “Right” said the well dressed man, here’s one for you, what is the name of the Jolly Swagman in Waltzing Matilda”? The whole place went silent as

everybody started to sing the song to themselves, nothing at all was said for about

5 minutes. “Well, any answers yet” ask the man. “Shush” everyone said “we’re still trying to work it out”. “I’ve got it” said one of the other

customers “it’s Billy”. “No” said the man “Billy is the kettle type thing that he was waiting to boil”. “Oh yes” said the customer.

After about 10 minutes everyone said “we give up, what’s the answer”. “there isn’t one” said the man “it’s a question that can’t be answered, but it made you all think about it” “Hang on a minute” said Grandad “there is an answer and I’ve got it”. “What” said the man “I can assure you there is no answer to it” “Ah but your wrong” said Grandad “because the answer is Andy”. “Yes he’s right” said Barry the Barber. “He is not right” said the man. “He is most certainly is” said Barry, “listen, Andy sat, Andy watched, Andy waited till his Billy boiled”. Then, as one, everyone in the shop sang “Who’ll come a Waltzing Matilda with me” “Okay I give in” said the man.


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