Grandad and Mickís Christmas Cake

Featured in the December 2011 handbook.

A couple of Christmases ago Grandad and his good friend, the late Mick Twyman decided to make a Christmas cakes and thought it canít be that hard they had watched all the old cookery programs with them drinking wine when cooking and thought this is easy what is all the fuss about. So here is just how Grandad made his. One of the TV Chefs that took Grandadís eye was the late Keith Floyd. So here is Grandads Recipe in the style of Keith Floyd, although, Grandad wasnít keen on wine so he used Whisky.



- 8oz Plain Flour

- 1 cup Dried Fruit

- Handful of Nuts

- 4 Large Eggs

- Lemon Juice

- 1cup Sugar

- 1 tbs. Brown Sugar

- 8oz Butter

- 1 tsp Salt

- 1Bottle of Whisky


Sample the whisky to check the quality.

Take a large Mixing Bowl

Check Whisky again for validity, to be sure that it is of the highest quality, take one level cup full and drink. Repeat, just to make sure

Ture on electric mixer and beat butter in a large fluffy bowl, add one peastoon of sugar and beat again. Recheck whisky, Cry another Tup. Turn off mixer.

Break two leggs and add in the bowl, then chuck in the cup of fried drute.

Mix in the turner, Recheck shisky. If fruit gets stuck in the beaters, pry loose whit a drewscriver.

Sample the swhiskee again to check tonsisticity and to make sure it hasnít goown owf.

Next, sift 2 cups of salt, or something. Recheck whisky again. Now sift the lemon duce and strain the nuts, add 1 bubblespoon of brow sugar (or whater coulur you can see) wix mell.

Grease oven, Turn cake tin 350 gredees (gas 2ish), Donít forget to beat on the turner.

Throw the bowl out of the window. Recheck swiiiiskeey again, then bo to ged.

Note: A Rootle of Bum say be mustituted for thththee whissssky. wthi the shame rirst glass wesults.

Some time later when Grandad and Mick compared notes, Grandad noticed that Mickís recipe was identical to his, except for one ingredient, Mick didnít use a bottle of Whisky, but one small glass of Brandy instead. with the result that Mickís cake was edible and enjoyed by all his family. Whereas Grandadís attempt finished up in the bin and Grandad finished up in the Dog House.


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