Grandad has a few days break

Featured in the October 2011 handbook.

Grandad’s daughter Mandie and her family were going away for the last few days of the summer holidays, before all the schools started back and they asked Grandad if he’d like to come along with them, he agreed straight away. They had rented a cottage that had an annexe attached to it, in Cornwall. After a seven hour drive they arrived there, everything was

perfect, the cottage was half a mile down a quiet lane with a small lake out the back and the owners cottage was about 100 yards away, after collecting the keys from the owner, his family took all the luggage into the cottage, while Grandad got himself settled into the

annexe which was perfect for him. After about half an hour Grandad went over to the cottage where the rest of the family were and said “I need to go find a shop”. “Well if you go to the top of the lane and turn right, there is a brand new Supermarket about 10 minutes walk away” his daughter said, “When I collected the keys the lady told me about it”. His Granddaughter Hannah said she would go with Grandad to keep him out of trouble. Very soon they arrived at the supermarket and what a place it was, everything was really high-tech and modern. The two of them started to walk around. As they passed by the fresh produce section there were automatic water misters that sprayed of the produce to keep it really fresh and every time they went off you heard the distant sound of thunder and caught the smell of fresh rain. Then, when you walked passed the dairy chillers you could hear cows mooing and you caught the scent of new mown hay. Going into the meat department you got the aroma of charcoal grilled steaks and barbeque sausages. In the section where they sold eggs you heard hens cackling and clucking contentedly and the air is filled with the smell of morning bacon and eggs, and as you approached the bakery you got the tantalising smell of fresh baked bread and warm soft rolls. In fact, every section that you walked passed had the sounds and smells of whatever that section sold. Grandad and Hannah were amazed as they walked around, then all of a sudden Grandad turned and said to Hannah, “Come on we have to get back now” “But you haven’t bought what you came for” said Hannah. “It doesn’t matter I’ll get it later” replied Grandad and they hurriedly left the supermarket with Hannah looking very perplexed. They arrived back at where they were staying and Grandad’s daughter asked if he had found what he went off to buy. “No we came back without buying anything” said Hannah to her mum “and it was a fantastic place” she went on to describe how all the sections had sounds and smells of whatever that section sold. “so you walked all that way and all round the supermarket but you didn’t buy anything” said his daughter “What was it that you went for”?

“Toilet Rolls” said Grandad


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