Featured in the July 2011 handbook.

During the last half-term holidays Grandad went to a chalet park for a weeks holiday along with most members of his family. Between them they had 4 chalets all next to each other in a line. There was a boating and fishing lake a huge indoor swimming pool a bowling alley and dozens of other activities to keep everyone happy and amused. There were several different types of restaurants, about eight shops and even a small chapel. The first day all of them spent the morning in the swimming pool, well it wasn’t just a pool it had all sorts of bits with it, there were rapids, a wave machine, 3 big slides, 6 family size Jacuzzis so much in fact that come lunch time Grandad was worn out. So after lunch Grandad and his 9 year old Grandson Kieran went off to play on the pitch and putt golf course, well Grandad being Grandad lost not only his golf balls but one of his clubs as well and when they returned to the clubhouse Grandad had to pay for the missing items. The next day after swimming Grandad and Kieran went Rifle Shooting, well somehow Grandad managed to break his rifle and lost the case that went with it and so he had to pay for that. So on the third day the pair of them went off in a canoe on the lake and Grandad lost one of the paddles so he had to pay for that. That night his Daughter said to Grandad “you’re worse than the kids, everyday you have lost something or managed to break something, Kieran has got more sense than you” so she turned to her son Kieran and said “look after Grandad will you he’s not safe to be let out alone”. The next day was Sunday and Grandad and Kieran went of fishing in the lake, after hiring the rods and all the bits they needed they settled down in a good spot and started fishing. Within half an hour Grandad had got his hook and line stuck in a tree, he had cast out and caught onto a yacht that was sailing past then to cap it all he hooked onto a sunken branch and broke the rod in half. They packed up fishing for the day and took what was left of the equipment back to the tackle shop. Again Grandad had to pay for the missing and broken items. The man in the shop was not happy as the word had spread around about this elderly man and his Grandson who were walking disasters. Just as the man was telling Grandad off, his family were walking passed the shop and heard what was going on. Grandad’s daughter took him back to the chalet and read the riot act to him and told him that he had to behave himself and that Kieran was coming with them and that Grandad had to stay in the chalet. Grandad felt like a schoolboy and decided to sit out on the patio whilst the rest of them went off.

The rest of the family went up to the swimming pool, to get there they walked past the chapel where, because it was a warm day the doors were open. They could hear the preacher speaking, well not speaking but booming out to the packed congregation. They caught bits of his sermon “Where is God” they heard him shout. Kieran heard this and immediately ran back to Grandad’s chalet as fast as he could. He arrived there breathless and burst through the back to the patio where Grandad was sitting. “Grandad we’re in BIG trouble” “Why what’s up” said Grandad. “Well God is missing and I think they’re going to blame us”


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