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It is high summer (so we hope) and the garden is now full of colour. Summer bedding is often at its best at this time, July can often be hot, and watering and deadheading will be as much as most people want to do until the cool of the evening.

It is the time of the year when there are fewer jobs needing to be done and many people simply want to relax and enjoy their garden. Try to find time to sit in or walk round your garden to look at the flowers and shrubs. If you spend time in the garden you will often get new ideas and can make plans for the future.

Jobs that won’t wait:

- Weed and deadhead regularly, checking for pests and diseases at the same time.

- Sow biennials, herbs and vegetables. Plant autumn flowering bulbs.

- Harvest seeds as soon as they are ripe.

- Harvest fruit, vegetables and herbs while they are in prime condition. Freeze, store or give away produce if you cannot use it all immediately.

- Trim and reshape hedges.

Top up the water and aerate ponds it if you see fish gasping for oxygen in hot weather, especially fish sensitive to low oxygen levels – such as orfe.


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