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Having trouble fitting everything in your bin? How about starting a compost heap? Grass cuttings, vegetable peelings, tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells, garden waste, and even some shredded paper can all be incorporated into your heap. If you have a pet rabbit or guinea pig then the used straw and bedding will also make a great addition. You can buy compost bins, make them, or just put it in a heap in a corner of the garden. Turn regularly and keep a good balance of ‘ingredients’ and you’ll be rewarded with great compost and no problems with overfull wheelie bins! Instead of buying plant labels you can make your own by washing out used plastic milk cartons and then cutting up into strips. Put a point on one end and use a permanent marker to write on them.

Save the bottom of egg boxes as these make great little individual pots for starting off seedlings in, and the plastic containers that tomatoes or mushrooms come in can be reused by poking drainage holes in with a nail and using as trays for your seedlings.


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