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Featured in the March 2011 handbook.

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Britain is a nation of gardeners. And when 60 per cent of burglaries happen through the rear or side windows and doors, making your garden secure will help keep thieves out of your house. It's also worth considering protecting any precious possessions that are kept outside. Here are some top tips for guarding your garden.

Just because it's a garden doesn't mean that it doesn't need protecting. So it's worth remembering some basics:

- Fences should be kept in good condition. If they are falling down or there are holes then a burglar can get through it.

- Garages and sheds should have locks on their doors, which should be kept locked at all times. A heavy duty padlock, along with a hasp and staple would be ideal, and a mortise lock for garages is a solid investment.

Lock it up!

Out of sight is out of mind: many thieves are opportunists so keep your valuables locked away. If they can be seen then someone could try to steal them.

- Lock up expensive property such as garden tools, furniture or ornaments. Bring them inside if you don't have a shed or garage.

- Hide away anything that could be used to break into your house, such as a spade or a heavy ornament.

- Bikes are especially vulnerable to thieves. Always keep bicycles chained up and locked away in a shed or garage.


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