A Taste of the Exotic

Featured in the March 2011 handbook.

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Are you loopy about Lychees and potty about Persimmon or do you struggle to tell your Guava from your Ugli Fruit? We have the answers...

Guava: This fruit has unpromising thin pale green or yellow skin. Donít be put off. The flesh is fragrant and sweet with edible seeds Guave are ripe when soft.

Lychees: The pinker the skin the sweeter they are, The white flesh tastes a bit like Muscat grapes.

Passion Fruit: These have a thick purple brown skin. They are ripe when wrinkly Scoop out the highly scented edible seeds, they are great with vanilla ice cream.

Papaya: also called Pawpaw they should be deep yellow with pink skin and give slightly when you squeeze them.

Ugli Fruit: Looks can be deceiving The skin peels away easily and the segments taste like mandarin with a hint of pineapple and honey.

Cherimoya: also called Custard Apples They look like pale green hand grenades, but once sliced they have a creamy soft flesh and large black seeds, scoop out and discard the seeds, they taste like banana pineapple and vanilla.



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