Grandad Pays a Visit to the Hospital

Featured in the February 2011 handbook.

When Grandad, was working in the garden, he cut his hand rather badly and went up to the A&E department at the hospital. When he got there, after having checked in, he found the waiting room full to bursting so he knew he would have a long wait. After a while he found himself a seat and sat patiently just watching what was going on around him. A young doctor came out of one of the swing doors and walked up to the check in counter and asked the young receptionist a few questions about a patient that had been checked in earlier. To keep the patients details confidential the Doctor was speaking very quietly to the girl, so she kept asking him to repeat what he said. Grandad overheard him repeat one of the questions two or three times and then he heard the doctor say in a loud voice, “where did he say he was BLEEDING from”? “BROADSTAIRS” said the young receptionist. Well Grandad almost fell out of his seat as the young Doctor explained that he meant where did the patient say he was losing blood from. Some half an hour later there was a right commotion going on where an elderly lady was surrounded by three or four members of her family and a young Doctor in a white coat. The dear old lady was in tears and her family were all remonstrating with the Doctor. The noise got louder and louder, when all of a sudden a very well dressed lady in a business suit arrived on the scene and introduced herself as a hospital manager and demanded to know what was going on.

A middle aged man spoke up and said he was the son of the distressed lady and wanted to know how on earth the Doctor standing next to him was allowed to deal with patients. “What do you mean”? asked the lady manager.

“Well, my mother has had a very bad bout of hiccups for over a day so we brought her along to see someone here at the hospital to see what can be done about it, she was called in by a nurse then about 2 minutes later she came bursting back through crying her eyes out and it took us over 10 minutes to get her to speak to us” said the lady’s son. “Then what she told us was absolutely unbelievable. “What was said” asked the well dressed lady. “He told her that she was pregnant with twins” said the lady’s son. At this you could have heard a pin drop and all eyes turned to the young doctor. The young doctor spoke to the elderly lady and asked her “Have you still got hiccups”?

“No” she replied “they’ve gone completely.

The British National Health Service, the best in the world thought Grandad.


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