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Taking Cuttings

This is the ideal month in which to take cuttings of your plants. Start with some easy subjects such as Fuchsia, Pelargoniums, Weigelia, Hydrangea, Ceanothus and other early flowering shrubs. These do well in pots and should all root in a couple of weeks, giving you extra plants to pot up for planting next Spring.

Place a polythene bag over the cuttings and secure with an elastic band. Put them in a good light are but out of direct sunlight (a shaded kitchen window sill is ideal) and check them regularly for water.


Compost all your waste plant material. Place lawn mowings, plant stems, flower-heads, and kitchen waste in an open-ended compost box or bin, keep it nicely moist, and treated with a compost activator, to rot, and provide manure for future use.

Summer & Soil

To maintain moisture in the soil, mulch your plants after rain with composted bark, leaving soil clear near basal stems. Keep on top of the watering of containers and hanging baskets as, even after quite heavy periods of rain, they could still be dry so make sure that you really do soak the compost.


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