Microwave Jam

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- 700 g (1ld) Strawberries or other berries

- 700 g (1ld) Caster

- Sugar

- Juice of 2 Lemons

1. Place the stoned fruit, caster sugar and the juice of two lemons in a 2 litre (3 pint) deep microwaveproof dish.

2. If using a 650 watt microwave, cook on high for 1520min, stirring once or twice.

3. Test for setting stand for 5min before pouring into warm jars. The set of this jam will be softer than conventional preserves and is best after two to three days.

Setting point

There are two good ways of testing this stage:

1. Spoon a little jam on to a chilled plate, then chill for 12min. If it crinkles when you run your finger through it, setting point has been reached.

2. Use a jam thermometer when it reaches at least 110C (230F) the jam is at setting point.

Potting tips

Wash jars in hot water, drain, then leave to dry in a warm oven. Boil the lids. Always pour hot jam into warm jars, fill to the rim to allow for shrinkage on cooling. Cover with waxed discs, waxed side down, and dampened Cellophane covers, dampened side up For longer-term storage, cover with screw-on lids too. For best results, store jam in a cool dark place.


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