Grandad in the Swimming Pool

Featured in the August 2010 handbook.

With all of the nice sunny days we have been enjoying, which does make a change, Grandad had been invited to lots of Barbeques. Some of these invites came from friends and others from family.

Every one that he has been to have all been special in their own way. However one sticks in his mind, it was one he went to where there was a swimming pool in the garden. Dozens of children were in there swimming, playing, splashing about, in short all having a great time. Lots of moans went up when parents asked their offspring to come out of the pool and have something to eat or have more Sun Cream put on, or just simply sit down for 5 minutes and have a rest. Well when kids are having fun they don’t want to rest, they want to carry on doing what all their friends are doing, playing and having a good time. Grandad could see that, apart from one or two, most of the little ones starting to get a bit red with the hot sun, the food was ready so he stood up and shouted, “Right everyone out of the pool, the food is ready and some of you have to have more sun cream put on, plus we have to check the pool water”. Well absolutely nothing happened so Grandad said it again, this time in a loud voice. All the little ones in the pool stopped what they were doing, looked at each other then looked at Grandad. “Yes come on, everyone out of the pool now” said Grandad. “It’s very important that we do the checks on the pool”. Well this was just a ploy to get everyone out, however Brian, Grandad’s eldest son said “While everyone’s out we could just check all the levels in the pool. “Check all the levels”? Asked Grandad “You can see how deep it is from here” he said to Brian. “No not the depth of the water, but the levels of Chlorine and the PH levels” Brian replied. Well Grandad didn’t know what he was talking about so Brian explained that the pool water had to be maintained to certain levels by adding different types of chemicals and sanitizers. “I thought that you just filled them up with water and off you go” said Grandad. However this is not the case, to stop water turning green and to help stop anything infectious in the water this has to be done. Because sometimes little kids have an accident in the pool or they simply don’t want to get of the water to have a pee they do it in the pool, because nobody can see them.

So whilst everyone was out of the pool Brian got Grandad to help him check the pool and add any chemicals needed. “Won’t this do something to their skin” Grandad asked when Brian was adding something called Shock Chlorine to the pool. “ No, as long as you give it about 45 minutes before you go back in, it will do it’s job but won’t be

harmful to anyone” said Brian. Just then a little boy with a huge hot dog in his hand and tomato sauce covering most of his face, came up to Grandad and said “What is that stuff that you are putting in”? “It’s a special stuff that tells us if anyone has had a pee in the pool” said Grandad. The little lad went very quiet and stopped chomping on his hot dog, then he turned back to Grandad and said “Does it tell you their names”?


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