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Pests are common at this time of year. Check for aphids and also leaf miners, which leave a silvery trail. Control infestation otherwise the insects will fall to the ground causing a secondary, possibly worse, infestation. If the weather is wet then check on Paeonies for paeony wilt. If stems become soft and collapse, remove dead growth to prevent further damage and dust the base with fungicide.

Hardy Annuals.

Thin out seedlings and plants in beds as needed.

Half-Hardy Annuals.

Plant the last of the half-hardy annuals and use any left over to fill gaps in other borders.


All shrubs need a good watering in the summer months, even if you have applied mulch earlier in the year. Shrubs which are flowering on last years wood will require pruning once flowers start to die back. This includes plants such as Buddleia Alternifolia and Weigala.

Climbers and Wall Plants.

Prune new growth on Pyracantha to reveal flowers. Regular pruning of Ceanothus will keep it under control. Prune back Chaenomeles after flowering. Take back to 5 buds, then 2 buds in late summer.

Bulbs and Corms.

Spring and summer snowflakes can be moved after flowering if needed. Other bulbs should be lifted after foliage has yellowed, dried off and stored ready for replanting.


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