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Featured in the April 2010 handbook.

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A great way of preventing identity theft is to invest in a shredder. Every time you shred a confidential document, sandwich it between a couple of items of junk mail. If you line your shredder with a plastic shopping bag, every time you empty your shredder add some household waste - such as used tea bags etc., to the top of the bag. No one will find anything that they can use in your dustbin.

If you donít have a shredder for your bank statements etc., soak them in water overnight. Squeeze them out, and the printing will be completely illegible!

If there is glass in your front door your mail can be seen lying on the floor. This usually means that there is no one in to pick it up. You could buy a solid front door, fit a box or a bag to catch the mail or cover the lower half of the door with a piece of material.

Cut back shrubs, hedges and trees so that people passing can see the front of your house.

Fit lights connected to a motion sensor in areas around the outside of your home where a burglar could hide. Make sure that the lights donít shine into a neighbourís window.

Keep the doors locked when you are in. People have been robbed when they are watching television.

External sliding doors can be a problem. †Some older patio doors can be lifted out of their tracks as many people have discovered when they were burgled. To stop this you need to fit a lock that secures the sliding door to the fixed door. †Some newer patio doors can be forced open. To stop this put a wooden dowel or broom handle, cut to the right length, onto the track


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