When Grandad was a lad.

Featured in the January 2010 handbook.

When Grandad was a lad.

Grandad and Jade, one of his Granddaughters were sitting in McDonalds when Jade asked “What was your favourite Fast-Food when you were growing up”?. “I told her “all the food we had was SLOW” “No seriously” said Jade “Where did you eat”? “It was a lovely place called home” I

explained “Mum cooked everyday and when Dad got home we all sat down together at the table, and if I didn’t like what she put in front of me I had to sit there until I did like it” By this time Jade was laughing out loud so I didn’t tell her the part where we had to ask permission to leave the table. “What was it like when you were a little boy”? asked Jade. “Well where I lived most parents never owned their own house, they never wore jeans, set foot on a golf course, had a holiday abroad or had a credit card”. “We never got taken to School in a car, I had a bike that weighed a ton and only had one speed (SLOW). I remember when we got our first TV, which was really a polished bit of furniture, the screen was purple in colour and was about 9 inches square (that’s about 23cm in new money) It was, of course Black & White and it wasn’t on all day, because they had breaks between the programmes when they showed a Potters Wheel also the programmes finished about 11pm after playing the National

Anthem and a poem about God then, when the TV was switched off we all sat looking at a little white dot until it disappeared. Most people didn’t have a telephone, but most of those that did had a Party Line, so before you could dial, you had to listen and make sure that your neighbours weren’t already using the line. If you wanted Take-Away food you went to the Chip Shop and bought Fish & Chips wrapped in newspaper, we didn’t know what a Pizza or a Kebab was and a Chinese was someone who came from China. No Take-Away food was delivered to your house, but milk was, as were newspapers. The newspapers were delivered by local boys and girls and there was always a waiting list for a newspaper delivery job, they all got up at 5-30am whatever the weather and did their rounds before School. All the Film Stars kissed with their mouths closed, at least they did in the pictures. When you went to the pictures, or the Cinema as the Posh people called it, you got in to see most pictures because only a very few had an X rating, this meant that you had to be, I think 16 or over to get in. So to get back to your question, my very first burger was a “WIMPEY”, however you had to sit down on a chair at a table then a waitress asked you politely “What would you like”? Then she provided you with a knife and fork, but the strange thing is, you paid for it after you had eaten it and only if everything was alright”. The Postman used to call twice a day with the first and second deliveries, the dustbin men called every week and took anything that you put out, even if it wasn’t in the bin, and many houses had an extra bin where you put all your food scraps and peelings then a man would come round and collect them for his pigs. When you walked into a shop the person serving you would always call you Sir or Madam and say thank you when they had served you.”.

“Do you think things were better when you were younger”? asked Jade. “Well I wouldn’t say they were better, but because we didn’t have lots of the things that we have

nowadays, we couldn’t afford most of them, so we had to make do and mend and that’s what made it fun” Grandad replied.


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