Grandad has a chat with a stranger

Featured in the February 2010 handbook.

Grandad & Nan went to Fuerteventura for a 2 week break just after New Year, they had a great time. The hotel was great, the weather was great, the place was great, in fact everything was perfect. That is until the 4th day of their holiday.

What happened was, they were both sunbathing around the pool when Grandad said his stomach was playing up. “It must be all this rich food you’re eating” said Nan.

Grandad went off to the toilet, as he walked in the first

cubicle was taken so he went into the next one.

He had just sat down when he heard a young English voice coming from the next cubicle. “ Hello, how’s everything

going” said the voice from the next cubicle. Well Grandad is not the type to strike up a conversation with strangers, whilst sitting on the toilet so he didn’t reply. “Hello can you hear me” said the voice from next door. Grandad didn’t know what to say, so finally he replied. “Yes thanks, I can hear you” “Ah that’s better” said he voice. “How are things, is everything OK”. “Errr, yes fine” said Grandad. “ So what are you doing” the voice said. Well Grandad was starting to find this a bit weird so he said “I’m doing what most people come in here to do”. “Sorry I couldn’t hear that” said the voice. “ I said I’m doing what most people come in here to do” repeated Grandad. “Do you think you will be long doing that”? Said the voice. “Well I don’t know” said Grandad, who by now was starting to get worried. “Does it normally take you a long time to do it” the voice went on. “Well it may do today, because my stomach is really all over the place, my wife thinks it’s all the rich food that we have been eating” said Grandad, who by now was feeling a bit more confident about having a conversation with a complete stranger in a toilet. “Hang on a minute, I’ll call you back, it’s just every time I ask you a question this idiot in the next cubicle keeps answering me” said the voice.

Grandad wished the floor would open up and swallow him.

In fact he stayed in the toilet for the next 45 minutes to make certain the stranger had completely gone. When Grandad got back Nan said “Where on earth have you been, you haven’t been stood talking to someone have you”? “Well no” said Grandad nervously looking around him,

“I haven’t been STOOD talking to anyone”.


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