Grandad has a day trip to France.

Featured in the November 2009 handbook.

Grandad went for a day trip to France and took one of his Grandchildren, Corey and her friend Paige. Of course Nan came with them as well, but as Nan is a terrible sailor they went across using the Tunnel.

The first thing they decided to do was drive down to Boulogne and visit the amazing Aquarium called Nausicaa. What a fantastic time they had there, it really is a great place to visit, its fun as well as being educational. When they came out they found a little restaurant to have lunch.

Well Grandad isn’t quite sure what he had but it tasted lovely but had a strange flavour to it.

After lunch they all got back into the car and drove back towards Calais to visit Cite Europe, this is the big Shopping complex based just outside Calais. When they were driving up to it Corey said “Grandad your breath stinks, you’ve been eating garlic”. Well obviously that was the strange flavour that he noticed in his food that he had for lunch. The longer they drove the stronger the stink, as Corey called it, became. Eventually Nan, Corey and Paige could stand it no longer and opened all the windows in the car. When they arrived at Cite Europe, Nan and the two girls were in heaven with all these shops. Grandad just grunted and moaned that his feet hurt, the rest of them moaned that his breath stunk. After visiting numerous “Girlie” type clothes shops Grandad said “I’m off for a mooch round I’ll meet you back here in 1 hour”

Off he went on his own, as he visited the shops he wanted to visit he noticed the strange looks he was getting as he got close to people and breathed all over them, so he called at the information desk in Carrefour, which is the huge Hypermarket. He enquired if they spoke English and was told that they did, although it was English it was English with a very strong accent. The young lady he was speaking to suddenly started to twitch her nose “Excuse me Sir but have you been eating AIL” asked the young lady. Well Grandad assured her that you don’t eat ALE but you drink it and he said that he hadn’t touched a drop of ALE or any other beer. Now this caused all sorts of problems, two other Carrefour assistants came up to help out their colleague and it eventually came out that AIL is the French word for garlic. (notice the difference in the spelling AIL and ALE). “Ah yes” said Grandad, “I think I must have had garlic in my meal”. “Then you must eat PERSIL” said the helpful young lady, “This will take away the smell”. “Are you sure” said Grandad. “Absolutely certain” said the young lady. So Grandad went off a bought a huge pack of PERSIL. He found a seat just next to the store and opened the pack of washing powder and took two or three pinches and put it in his mouth. Then all hell let loose, Grandad was coughing, spluttering and spitting, bubbles were coming out of his mouth, fortunately for Grandad two of the young assistants who had helped him earlier spotted him and came running over to help. Once they realised what he had done they brought over a large bottle of water and a plastic bucket and made Grandad keep swilling his mouth out until all trace of the washing powder had gone. Although Grandad was very grateful for all the help and assistance they had given him, he was none too pleased at what they had told him to do originally and he told them so. Three more assistants from the store came over to see what the fuss was and after a conversation in French one of the new arrivals, who was actually an English lady who lived and worked in France, explained to Grandad what had happened. You see when Grandad was told to eat some “PERSIL”, it turned out that PERSIL is the French name for PARSLEY and not the washing powder that Grandad thought it was. The newly arrived English lady explained that by chewing a small amount of Parsley it killed off the smell of the garlic. By this time Nan, Corey and Paige had returned to find Grandad surrounded by about a dozen of the store staff. The three of them thanked everyone concerned and apologised profusely, they grabbed Grandad by the hand and led him away back to the car.

When they reached the car Corey’s friend Paige turned to Corey and said “It’s brilliant coming out with your Grandad, you never know what’s going to happen next. Grandad just grunted.


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