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* Essential tasks for November

Making your garden look it's best is one of the essential jobs for November.

* Flower Garden

Start planting spring bulbs, make certain that you place them at the right depth.

If you have not prepared your border spacing try planting your bulbs in large pots instead. These bulbs can then be planted later to fill in the gaps

* Tidy borders

By November you will start to notice that your borders are starting to look a little messy. Any perennials past their best can be cut right down, clearing away remains and adding them to the compost heap.

Plant new hedges Container-grown evergreens and conifers planted now will get a really good start in life, so complete new hedging projects as soon as possible.

* Divide perennial

The secret is to divvied clumps every second or third year after removing old flowering stems and replant the new sections, watering them in thoroughly.

* In The Greenhouse

Clean those dirty windows in your greenhouse. Every year you will need to give the out side of the greenhouse a good wash down. General dirt, algae and grime works up on the glazing. This can reduce the amount of light getting through to your loved plants inside. A Good tip is to use a hose and a stiff brush, slowly spraying and brushing every glazing panel in turn. Choose a warm Novembers day to complete the job.


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