Grandad has a Cup of Tea

Featured in the October 2009 handbook.

Zoe, Grandad’s eldest Granddaughter came to see him and asked him if he would look after Abigail her three year old. Well Grandad jumped at the chance of looking after his Great Granddaughter. “I should only be an hour or so” said Zoe. “No problem” said Grandad, “we can do some painting in her colouring book”. “No” said Zoe,”because last time you did that she finished up covered in paint”. Grandad remembered it well as paint did tend to finish up everywhere except in the colouring book where it should be. “I’ve brought along her new Tea-Set you can both play with that, she likes making cups of tea”, said Zoe. “Right were off now, as I say I should only be about an hour, see you later Grandad, have fun” said Zoe going out the front door. “Completely ignoring what his Granddaughter had told him Grandad said to little Abigail, “Shall we do some painting”? However Abigail is a bright little girl and said “No Grandad, mummy said that we are not to do any painting because you got me in a mess last time. I will make you a cup of tea with my new Tea-Set”.

Some 3 minutes later Abigail came in with a little pink cup half filled with water, “Here you are Grandad a cup of tea” said Abigail. Grandad took it and sipped the water, “Oh this is a lovely cup of tea” said Grandad “In fact it’s probably the best cup of tea that I have ever had”. “More” asked Abigail, Grandad handed over his cup with mock relish, “Yes please” said Grandad, another cup of “TEA” was brought to him. This he again drank down. As soon as the cup was emptied Abigail disappeared and filled it immediately. After his umpteenth cup Grandad heard the front door opening and Zoe coming in. “ Have you two had a good time” asked Zoe. “We’ve had a great time, Abigail has been making me cups of tea, in fact she made me 7 cups, so I’m glad you came back when you did, because I was getting full up”. Zoe looked horrified, “What do you mean, she’s been making cups of tea”? “Don’t panic, it wasn’t really tea it was only water” said Grandad. “Well where did she get the water from, she’s only 3 and she can’t reach the taps yet as she’s too small, the only place she can reach to get water from is out of the toilet” Zoe spluttered. “ Grandad ran out of the room into the bathroom to be sick. Kids don’t you just love ‘em.


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